White Paper | Shipping 3.0

Shipping 3.0

A 2015 Roundtable Series White Paper

Digitisation is disrupting every sector of business, but shipping is more vulnerable than most. Accused of lacking technology focus and expertise, entrenched beliefs, opaque practices, and a cavalier attitude to its customers, how does shipping remake itself for the twenty-first century?

How can shipping deploy the technology it has now, and the advances in connectivity to become more efficient, more productive, more customer focussed and more profitable?

With a looming skills-gap opening up how do shipping and maritime companies attract and retain the Millennial generation of seafarers and shore-staff? Can cloud technologies and outside-in architectures drive better collaboration with customers, staff and stakeholders and break the cyclical nature of shipping? Is the current ship operations model broken, and can data insights and connectivity fix it?

Held in association with Maritime Industries Australia Ltd.



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