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Futurenautics Issue 11 | Innovation | April 2016

By Future nautics in Futurenautics

52 pages, published 5/12/2016

Innovation is top priority for companies world-wide, and with unhappy customers, technology disruption and falling profits shipping should be in a frenzy of it. But shipping is renovating rather than innovating—its customers are asking ship operators for a Model-T and getting a slightly faster horse in return. In most companies there’s less a hunger for something new as a desire for things to get back to normal, but with little likelihood of…

Issue 10 | SmartShips | January 2016

By Future nautics in Futurenautics

60 pages, published 2/10/2016

Eco-Ships and Ship Efficiency are yesterday’s buzz phrases. Now ships are becoming smart. Increased connectivity of equipment & people, Big Data, sensors, analytics, automation and autonomy are about more than reducing cost, they are about creating value. Unmanned or not the SmartShip’s autonomy will actually be a catalyst for integration and convergence, forging the new Blue Logistics chain as part of the intelligent transport systems of the…


Futurenautics | Issue 9 | Brand, Culture, Diversity | October 2015

By Future nautics in Futurenautics

60 pages, published 11/9/2015

Futurenautics |Issue 9 – Culture, Brand, Diversity – October 2015

Issue 8 | Fuels | July 2015

By Future nautics in Futurenautics

60 pages, published 8/1/2015

With new environmental regulation in sight everyone’s looking to make the ‘right’ choice about fuel. But there is no silver bullet. What will make a difference is real efficiency, bolder aims and an acknowledgement that fuel is becoming a source of competitive advantage that goes way beyond how cheaply you can buy it. But whilst shipping’s fuel of the future hasn’t arrived yet, we have a candidate, and it could truly be a game-changer.

Futurenautics. Issue 7 - Risk - April 2015

By Future nautics in Futurenautics

60 pages, published 5/7/2015

New attitudes, data and technologies are combining to disrupt risk itself. From the need for human-centred maritime automation to a broadened definition beyond statistical risk that encompasses social, cultural and emotional context, how we balance risk and innovation is entering new territory. With the regulators shipping looks to already threatened with their own ‘bureaucratic singularity’, transparency and prediction will be maritime’s new…

Issue 6 | Cyber Security | January 2015

By Future nautics in Futurenautics

60 pages, published 2/2/2015

Threat of cyber attack could cost the world economy $3 trillion, but no one in shipping and maritime wants to talk about it. Vessels have always had to be seaworthy, but in the new security paradigm they need to be e-worthy too. Boards assume cyber is about technology, but it’s about dependence, and dependence leads to risk. Connectivity brings huge upsides, but those downside risks have to be managed, and that isn’t IT’s job, it’s yours.


Futurenautics. Issue 5 - Shipping 3.0 - October 2014

By Future nautics in Futurenautics

60 pages, published 11/3/2014

Shipping 1.0 was sail. 2.0 was steam, radio & containerisation, and shipping 3.0 will be digital. Its icon is the autonomous, unmanned vessel, but shipping 3.0 is about far more than that. Volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, it will require all our ingenuity, nerve and resilience. This issue gives a glimpse of what it might look like.

Futurenautics. Issue 4 - Connectivity & data - July 2014

By Future nautics in Futurenautics

60 pages, published 8/1/2014

Connectivity is the gateway to shipping’s future and the data-centred organisations that will thrive in it, but accounts for only 1% of the average ship operator’s budget. Just spending more on it isn’t enough. For shipping, connectivity is the answer, but what’s the question? This issue will help you to decide.

Futurenautics. Issue 3 - Industry 4.0 - April 2014

By Future nautics in Futurenautics

60 pages, published 5/3/2014

We’re on the brink of the next industrial revolution. Driven by a range of technology and generational trends which are already changing established manufacturing strategies, Industry 4.0 means shipping can’t continue to be a weak link, and has to start adding value. This issue will explain why and how.

Issue 2 – The Cloud

Futurenautics. Issue 2 - The Cloud - January 2014

By Future nautics in Futurenautics

60 pages, published 2/4/2014

Cloud is technology’s third wave, reflecting the values and requirements of our new customers, and it will enable shipping’s ‘big idea’.When value creation per ship from use of the cloud, and analytics could reach $1m, no shipping leader can afford to ignore it. This issue will tell you everything you need to know.

Launch Issue – e-nautics

Futurenautics Launch Issue October 2013

By Future nautics in Futurenautics

60 pages, published 10/30/2013

Shipping’s technology-enabled future