Bayes Shipping Society: Innovation and the future of shipping

March 4, 2022

By The Administrator

Innovation and the future of shipping: Roger Adamson joins Bayes Business School on the stage in London

Our CEO Roger Adamson was delighted to join a stellar array of speakers on the stage in London recently to discuss innovation, the future of shipping and how to be an entrepreneur.

The Shipping Innovation event was held by Bayes Business School Shipping Society at their premises in central London and was their first in-person gathering since the pandemic switched most events virtual.

Together with fellow panellists Thomas Bagge, CEO of the Digital Container Shipping Association and Jan Wilhelmsson, CCO at Nautilus Labs, Roger tackled the question ‘Data and Digitalisation in Shipping: What’s reality and what’s future dreaming?’ The discussion looked in-depth at the outlook for future vessel designs, future fuel options and future demand and how digitalisation is a key enabling factor across the board.

Roger tackled the question ‘Data and Digitalisation in Shipping: What’s reality and what’s future dreaming?’


Roger Adamson at Bayes Business School

The subsequent panel made up of Lucius Bunk, founder of Auerbach Shipping, Ami Daniel, Co-founder and CEO of Windward and Erlend Sommerfelt Hauge, Co-founder of Oceanis was asked the question ‘Shipping Entrepreneurs: What does it take to be a maritime founder?’ Each of the panellists spoke in detail about their individual journeys in the industry, providing insight into the core principles of entrepreneurialism and how to turn an idea into a competitive business.

To round off the day a pitch session for entrepreneurial maritime ideas took place with Ioannis Chourdakis, Alex Schamp and Pierre Poitrinal speaking passionately about their individual ideas and impressing with their entrepreneurial flair.

“We had a highly engaged audience and serious panellists who really knew what they were talking about, so the ingredients were all there for a great event, and the Bayes team really made sure they delivered one,” said Roger. “It was a pleasure to be involved and feel that energy of a room full of people once again, which we’ve all missed so much.”

Roger Adamson speaks at Bayes Business School

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