Crew Connectivity 2015




The 2015 Crew Connectivity Survey by Futurenautics Research gives the chance for seafarers to speak directly to ship operators, regulators, suppliers and maritime stakeholders and tell the real story of crew connectivity in the global fleet. It also allows seafarers the opportunity to benchmark provision on their own vessels and make educated decisions about what kind of connectivity access they should reasonably expect at sea.

Communicating with deep sea vessels has traditionally been challenging and expensive, but connectivity enables new, efficient ways of interacting with customers, equipment, suppliers, stakeholders, and—importantly—crew.

The Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006) means that ‘reasonable access’ to ship-shore telephone, email and Internet facilities, at ‘reasonable’ charge is now part of the responsibility of the ship operator. But what is ‘reasonable’?

What is the reality of crew communications for seafarers and how does it differ across sectors, ages and seniority? How do ship operators reliably benchmark their provision to ensure they’re compliant, and how do seafarers really judge what they should reasonably expect on board in today’s market?

And just as importantly what will new crew consider to be essential tomorrow? What new services and solutions should network, hardware, software, equipment and applications providers be preparing to deliver to ship operators to continue meeting the crew communications challenge? Since 2012 the answers to these and many other questions have come from the Crew Communications Survey Report.

With over 3,000 respondents from more than 30 countries and conducted with the assistance of major organisations including BIMCO, ISWAN, InterManager, PTC and CrewToo, the 2015 Crew Connectivity Survey is without question the largest and most comprehensive dataset available, now including unique statistics on levels of cyber security awareness, training and attacks on vessels, and the importance of crew connectivity onboard to crew making decisions about which operators to work for.

Independently conducted and analysed by Futurenautics Research, the report and it’s full dataset is made available free of charge for the benefit of the shipping and maritime industry, its seafarers, regulators and wider stakeholders. Download your copy or read online below.