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Near Shore Connectivity Whitepaper

New Research finds operational agility in 2020s demands Blended Connectivity approach

A free to download Survey Report Whitepaper from Futurenautics and Vodafone. Download your copy now.

A ship spends 60% of its time in port or coastal waters within reach of a mobile connection.

Almost half (42%) of data sent ashore is not time-sensitive, only needing to be shared once a week or once every voyage. Near-shore 4G networks could be used while in port or coastal waters providing a cost-effective way of accessing under-utilised data. 

90% of shipboard data never leaves the vessel

90% of shipboard data never leaves the vessel, but a Blended Connectivity approach combining 4G/LTE and Satellite could unlock significant value as part of digitalisation and IoT strategies.

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maritime esg: evolution & maturity 2022 survey

A landmark study for 2022 the Maritime ESG Evolution & Maturity Survey Report will benchmark approaches to this complex and dynamic area covering ESG perceptions, programmes and planned investments in the maritime ecosystem.

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Leading Sustainable Transformation & ESG goes beyond the company boundary.

Transformation goes beyond the company boundary and engaging the wider stakeholder ecosystem is a critical part of industry-level sustainable transformation and ESG. Futurenautics’ Sustainable Transformation and Ecosystem ESG stakeholder engagement workshops engage your stakeholder ecosystem, align on the challenges and identify priorities to accelerate action.

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Developed to address the 6 key emerging domains critical for shipping and maritime organisations that want to be fit for the future, individually tailored to your requirements and delivered either virtually or on-site across the world.

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