a changing operating environment

embracing the blue economy

a changing operating environment

ESG and the ‘IoSea’ means that the Blue domain is becoming highly visible, and those who seek to operate in it will see unprecedented scrutiny of their activities and a changing operating environment.

Commercial shipping represents just one facet of the Blue Economy, and as availability of data around the condition of the complex natural ocean ecosystems increases, the rules of the game in, on and below the high seas are going to change in response.

ESG is bringing unprecedented scrutiny as the Internet of the Sea ‘IoSea’ is powering up driven by next-generation connectivity and AI. Between them they will deliver radical transparency of ocean-related activity driving new attitudes to everything from aquaculture and marine biotech to seabed mining, blue energy generation autonomous trade and transport and sustainability and conservation.

The traditional delineation between shipping and the wider maritime and blue sectors is evaporating fast, and organisations which fail to engage in this emerging new Blue Economy and its new rules will find their assumptions about their operating environment critically undermined.

A new generation of entrepreneurs is recognising the urgent importance of protecting the Blue domain and finding ways to make its exploitation sustainable in the long term. With the vast majority of the current Internet infrastructure undersea and increasing focus on the ocean as a food and energy resource, understanding this emerging sector is key.


the blue economy

investing in the blue economy

From Marine Spatial Planning to resource generation and extraction, ocean-health, energy generation and marine biotech to autonomous systems, we help organisations to map the future Blue Economy and identify both emerging threats and growth opportunities.

As part of the EU BlueInvest platform paving the way into the blue economy Futurenautics supports investment readiness and access to finance for early-stage businesses, SMEs and scale-ups in the Blue Economy.

We also work with companies and investors considering entering and/or acquiring businesses in the shipping/maritime/blue domain. We provide both ad hoc and longer term M&A horizon scanning and can offer immediate advice and intelligence, together with deeper evaluation of business cases and funding proposals as part of the M&A process/commercial due diligence.

For incumbent organisations we map the threats and opportunities of the Blue Economy – from regulation and diversification to ecosystem and platform plays. We have also worked with a number of governments worldwide structuring Blue domain foresight programmes and creating Blue domain strategies for industry sectors including identifying appropriate policy levers, regulatory interventions, economic impacts and investments.

As the original cheerleader for start-ups in the maritime and shipping industry we are proud to count the founders of high-profile and important start-ups as clients and friends and continue to provide insight, introductions, evaluations and reality-checks for those getting great ideas off the ground, and those looking to invest in them.

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