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maritime esg survey: evolution & maturity 2022

A landmark study for 2022 the Maritime ESG Evolution & Maturity Survey Report will benchmark approaches to this complex and dynamic area covering ESG perceptions, programmes and planned investments in the maritime ecosystem.

The Maritime ESG Survey

The past 12 months has seen a dramatic rise in awareness of ESG – the Maritime ESG survey will give the first comprehensive data on its impacts.

The past 12 months has seen a dramatic rise in awareness of ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance – and its impacts on business. For many companies ESG has until now been shorthand for carbon emissions and environmental responsibility but in practice ESG is far wider.

As a critical part of multiple supply and value chains shipping and maritime companies are already being given a glimpse of the new expectations ESG will create from a range of stakeholders including lenders, customers, insurers, suppliers, employees, regulators and end-consumers.

However, ESG is a specialised, complex and dynamic area, even for those companies who have made consistent investments in sustainability practice over the past decade. For shipping and maritime companies, where such investments have not been commonplace, the challenge of understanding and responding to the changing landscape for business that ESG is creating, is a significant one.

maritime esg survey

maritime esg: evolution & maturity

ESG perceptions, programmes and planned investments across the maritime ecosystem.

The Maritime ESG Evolution and Maturity Survey will benchmark how ESG is evolving within the shipping and maritime industry, the maturity level of ESG approaches and programmes, the priorities and challenges its companies face, how they interpret ESG for their organisations, and what they need to support them in their objectives.

Critically it will also quantify the type and scale of investments companies intend to make across a wide range of initiatives from talent acquisition, diversity & inclusion to data and connectivity, environmental technology to business consultancy, stakeholder engagement and reputation management.

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