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We are a versatile and trusted shipping and maritime transformation partner, managing future risks, capturing future opportunities and creating purpose-led, sustainable value.
The future demands vision inspired by purpose, and transformative strategy executed authentically and consistently.

A versatile and trusted shipping and maritime transformation partner we are proud to work with many great organisations and individuals identifying creative strategies for sustainable growth – from ESG, data and digitalisation to agile transformations, new sustainable business models, innovation, ecosystem building and the increasingly critical role of mindset, leadership and culture.

Meeting new demands, managing risk and capitalising on opportunities needs more than technology. It requires a transformation and growth agenda, plus openness to diversify and reposition within new ecosystems and value chains.

Across a portfolio of foresight and consultancy, strategy and programme development & delivery, cutting-edge research, high-impact events and innovative business model development in the emerging Blue, Green and Circular economies we work each day to build the future of the shipping, maritime and ocean industries.

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a global foresight network

Actionable foresight, policy advice, pilots and programs for all kinds of organisations from MNOs to policymakers as part of a global network.
Bringing together our exceptionally broad knowledge of global megatrends, geopolitics, technologies, sustainable economy and the mindsets driving the next phase of globalisation, and in-depth understanding of the shipping, maritime and ocean industries we identify key future trends and interdependencies and deliver actionable foresight around where discontinuity and disruptive change needs to be met with innovation and new policy approaches.

Our clients include boards and executive management teams of major multi-national companies, policymakers, NGOs, regulators and governments who rely on us to deliver robust strategic foresight advice, research and reporting.

Our engagements are diverse and vary in scope and complexity, and as part of The Futures Agency network we are able to deliver larger projects alongside prominent foresight consultants and agencies.

From ESG and Agile coaching and programmes, foresight, research and intelligence to global keynotes we will help you to refine and understand your requirements and signpost or connect you with the people, organisations and expertise you need.

start-up to exit corporate M&A

The original start-up cheerleader we’re proud to count many founders as friends, and continue to work with entrepreneurs and investors.
A significant part of our practice includes working with companies and investors considering entering and/or acquiring businesses in the shipping/maritime/blue domain. We provide both ad hoc and longer term M&A horizon scanning and can offer immediate advice and intelligence, together with deeper evaluation of business cases and funding proposals as part of the M&A process/commercial due diligence.

As the original cheerleader for start-ups in the maritime and shipping industry we are proud to count the founders of some of the most high-profile and important start-ups as clients and friends and continue to provide insight, introductions, evaluations and reality-checks for those getting great ideas off the ground, and those looking to invest in them.

trust: our greatest asset

Reaching out to Futurenautics connects you with a trusted network of leaders, innovators, founders, entrepreneurs, investors, big thinkers, smart operators and visionaries and its collective wisdom and support.
At Futurenautics we believe that the ability to share, network and collaborate is of critical importance to leaders both now, and in the years ahead.

Over the past ten years we’ve been gathering together a network of senior leaders, innovators, founders, entrepreneurs, investors, big thinkers, smart operators and visionaries. As a result we’re proud to be a shipping and maritime transformation partner to some of the most committed and dynamic people in the industry, and we cherish those relationships.

We work alongside them all, delivering formal individual executive coaching, consulting and support, but also connecting them together at roundtables, retreats, workshops and dinners.

As the 2020s gathers pace, trust will become the most valuable commodity on the planet and it’s critical to building successful ecosystems.

Reaching out to Futurenautics puts you in touch with that trusted network and its collective wisdom and support. And such introductions will never cost you anything. Trust us.

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